Motherfed offers one-on-one lactation consults and IBCLC-facilitated group clinics. We love working closely with families – call, text, or message us so we can begin our work with you and your baby.

  • Postpartum lactation consultation

    Postpartum Lactation Consultation

    When we confirm your appointment, we'll send an electronic history form to help you tell your nursing story. This helps us to fully focus on you and your baby during our visit together.

    Your lactation visit may include observation of nursing / feeding by bottle or other tool, weighted feeds, assessment of baby's oral structure with relation to feeding, breast assessment, breastfeeding history / milk expression history. You will receive guidance with latch, positioning, pumping and flange fit, hand expression, milk supply, safe bottle feeding, and the biology of the nursing relationship, as needed in your situation. Together we will create an action plan to help you achieve your goals.

    We send a lactation visit report to you and to your health care provider. Questions regarding your care plan may be clarified by phone, text, or email for 2 weeks.

    Please allow about 1.5-2 hours for your initial lactation consultation with one baby. $225 (singleton)

    Please allow 2-2.5 hours for your first consult with twins / higher order multiples. $275 (twins)

    Note: Lactation visits are generally scheduled in-office but we also offer virtual consults. Please see Special circumstances if your situation requires a home visit.

    Followup care

    Some issues are resolved in one visit. If your issues are complex, or if you would be reassured by gentle support over a period of weeks, we offer both private and group followup. Our focus as a practice is on long-term personal support. We want to see you achieve your personal goals and enjoy your baby in the way that works best for your family!

    We highly recommend taking advantage of our small group followup support! Parents who attend this intimate group report that they enjoy input from the whole IBCLC team, the camaraderie of other parents who understand their challenges, and a supportive environment as they work toward their personal nursing and feeding goals.

    Please allow 1.5 - 2 hours for a followup consult with one baby. $185

    Please allow 2 hours for your followup with twins. $220

    Note: Currently we are holding group clinic Tuesdays 1-3pm as another option for followup lactation support.

  • Prenatal lactation consultation

    Individualized private prenatal consults are available, one-on-one or with your partner. You may wish to schedule a private session due to anticipated challenges, a difficult feeding experience with a previous baby, twins/multiples, or simply the reassurance that you are well prepared to give yourself and this baby the best start.

    If you are expecting a baby through adoption or with the help of a surrogate or gestational carrier, we can help. Your situation may be evolving or you may be in close contact with the person helping your family grow. Having lactation support on hand can help take the mystery out of nursing in special circumstances. Our goal, as always, is to offer information and support your choices.

    A questionnaire will be sent in advance to help us focus on your specific needs. Just call or text!

    Please allow 1.5-2 hrs for this visit. $225

  • Special circumstances

    Special circumstances may require a visit in your home or another location. The flat rate for an initial consult outside our office is $325 (allow about 2 hours for a home visit). Please call to discuss your specific needs so we can accommodate your family.

    As with our office visits, followup options include our in-office group clinic or private visits (at home, in office, virtual). Motherfed is a collaborative practice offering ongoing group support to help nursing families work through challenges and transitions. When you are ready, we welcome you to join our in-office circles of support.

  • Lactation aids and pumping supplies

    For the convenience of nursing families in our care, Motherfed carries a wide variety of lactation aids including pump flanges and inserts, pump bottle adapters, feeding tubes, slow flow nipples, nipple shields, galactagogues and other products you may find useful during your nursing season. Brands we carry include Maymom, Pumpin Pal, Lactation Hub, Mamivac, Haakaa, Pigeon, Evenflo, Go-Lacta, and more. For families working with weight gain and milk transfer challenges, we rent the Tanita 815-U, a professional infant scale capable of measuring transfer to 2gm. For safe comfortable support, prenatally, postpartum, and well beyond your baby days, we carry the Blessed Nest line of organic nesting pillows. Given the changing landscape of public health concerns such as Covid and RSV, we offer curbside pickup for current clients who may wish to rent a high quality scale for weighted feeds at home while receiving lactation support via telehealth.

    Breastfeeding aids and gift items may be picked up at the office or shipped (at cost).

    If you need a particular product but are in the care of another IBCLC, just let us know! It is important for you to have a team of support that works for you.

    Call or comment with questions about costs or availability.

  • Insurance and payment methods

    Motherfed partners with The Lactation Network to provide insurance coverage for many PPO plans with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Cigna, Provider Network of America (PNOA), MultiPlan, and United Healthcare. Check the fine print and logos on your insurance card for joint coverage. If your plan is included, you may receive full coverage for six visits or more, prenatal through postpartum. To see if your insurance plan will pre-authorize your lactation consult, click to check your coverage with Lactation Network

    We also accept all credit cards, health savings and flex cards, checks, cash, and PayPal. We accept certificates from The Birth Center in partial payment of lactation support fees. We offer a superbill to assist you in seeking reimbursement from your insurance provider. We offer itemized receipts if you will be reimbursed by your health sharing plans. Please let us know if you are on Medicaid or if your family has financial hardship. We strive to help all families in need of lactation support.

  • Groups

    Followup group clinics are limited to current clients. Clinics are attended by 2 IBCLCs and limited to 6 nursing parents (no visitors). We continue to require masks to keep all our families safe. N95 masks are provided at the door for your convenience.

    A brief followup questionnaire will be sent after registration.


Why Should I Meet with a Motherfed IBCLC?

Your relationship with your baby is more than milk and we are here to listen. We offer evidence-based information in a supportive environment so you can make choices that are right for you and your family.

  • sore nipples
  • shallow/painful latch
  • milk supply challenges
  • concerns about oral restrictions (lip/tongue tie)
  • breast pain
  • slow gaining baby
  • premature birth
  • prior breast surgery or injury
  • breastfeeding without birthing
  • expecting or nursing multiple babies
  • breastfeeding difficulties with previous baby
  • chestfeeding
  • relactation
  • separation from baby (work / school / illness)
  • hand expression / pumping / flange fitting
  • transitions –- between breast and bottle, to table foods and beyond
  • any questions about the normal course of breastfeeding

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