My awakening as a mother began in 1991 with the birth of my daughter. I knew we would breastfeed but I had no plan, no resources, nothing but faith we would find our way together. I had no idea how our nursing relationship would unfold, or how many generous women would cross paths with me as we found our way. Certainly I had no idea how profoundly our experience would shape my understanding of infants and children, of families and community, of women who mother and women who mentor.

My daughter and I found help in those early weeks and months from Utah's first IBCLC and from extraordinary volunteer Leaders with La Leche League of Utah. I remain profoundly grateful to those women, first for helping milk flow and, more importantly, for helping me understand that mothering flows more freely and more poignantly than milk.

Every mothering path, every fathering, finds its own way. It is a privilege to witness everyday transformations made with grace, with humor, and sometimes in pain. Nothing is as empowering or as humbling as the journey we take with a child.

Thank you for joining your path with ours at Motherfed, and with our partners at Sego Lily Collective. We hope you will find comforting space and good company as we work together – nurturing family, building community.


Motherfed and Sego Lily Collective