Group Clinics

Followup group clinics are limited to current clients and offer an additional option in followup care. If you have questions, please contact your primary IBCLC directly or call (385) 304-4289.

Sego Lily Babies is a community peer support group for parents who may be pumping, bodyfeeding, bottle feeding, mixed feeding, or transitioning through any stage of their feeding journey. Motherfed intern McKelle Skirvin guides our feeding support groups. Please note: While these groups may be attended by IBCLCs on our team, peer support groups are not a substitute for clinical lactation care or medical care.


Due to COVID and space considerations, we cannot accommodate siblings or other visitors at group events.

We continue to require masks to keep all our families safe. N95 masks are provided at the door for your convenience. (Cloth and valve masks are not appropriate for group.) Thank you for helping to keep all families in our community safe!



Our Space